There are so many great benefits to having a warm and cosy wood burning stove in your house. As well as this, you will almost certainly find that it is a  great way to save money on your winter heating bills.

There are actually quite a few things to consider before buying, so use this wood burning stove guide to help you decide.  Prices vary greatly and there are so many different types and styles, that it can be a bit of a minefield. The best thing is to call EcoHomeSolutions for a chat, or if you are local, just drop into our showroom in Trim town centre.

What type of wood burning stove is best for your home?

The answer to this question depends on quite a few things. Firstly, what type of fuel you want to burn. As we point out in another article, there are just so many advantages to wood pellet stoves, although for one reason or another, this may not prove to be the ideal solution for your needs.

The great thing about burning wood, of any variety, is that it is a fuel which is carbon neutral. What this means is that the carbon it takes in while it is growing as part of a tree, offsets the carbon it produces while it is burning.

Another consideration is how much room you have in your home. If you have a log burning stove, you’ll need somewhere dry to store logs – we estimate this to be at least 2 cubic metres of space. Logs also need to be seasoned. What this means, essentially, is that all the sap and moisture in the logs needs time to dry out. How long depends on the type of wood, but it is usually around two years.

Also, how much of your home do you want the stove to heat? The whole house, or just one or two rooms?

Wood burning stove guide: Find the best eco home solution for you

Our company was founded on the strong belief that any solid fuel stove should be fuel-efficient and also minimise emissions. Our stoves use clean-burn and air-wash technology, which means that while our customers are enjoying the many benefits of their new stove, they are also contributing to a healthier, cleaner environment.

The complete confidence we have in our products is reflected in our 5-7 year guarantee on the bodies of all of the DRU stoves we supply.

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