Solid Fuel Stove

The Solid fuel stove is very popular with customers because of they are not only a clean and very efficient form of heating, they are flexible in that you can also burn many types of solid fuels including wood, turf, anthracite of coal. Contact us for more information on solid fuel stoves.

Generally speaking, solid fuel stoves have been designed either as wood burning stoves or multi fuel stoves, although some are designed to do both. Most people tend to think that stoves are purely for burning wood, but multi-fuel solid fuel stoves are actually quite popular.

With multi-fuel or solid fuel stoves, sometimes referred to as mineral fuel stoves, you can choose to burn wood, coal or any kind of smokeless fuel – a highly efficient form of home heating.  Quite a few places have smoke control areas, meaning that people must burn only authorised, approved fuels.

Why a Solid Fuel Stove?

In terms of heat output, the multi fuel stove will be roughly in line with a wood burning stove and both are extremely efficient forms of heating. With all of the advanced technology incorporated into modern stoves, using and maintaining them is generally very quick and easy, not to mention very cost effective.

In order to burn coal efficiently, air has to be able to reach it from below. The vast  majority of stoves have an incorporated grate which the fuel sits on and some have what is known as a riddling plate which enables the user to remove built up ash and allow for greater air flow underneath. By contrast, wood will burn most efficiently when it is sitting on an ash bed – known as a fire box – while air circulates above.


More about a Solid Fuel Stove….

Due to these different combustion methods, multi fuel stoves may actually be optimised to burn both types of fuel. A wood burning stove actually be fitted with equipment to allow them to burn all types of solid fuel. So this option offers the user the best of both possible worlds. Our advice is to decide which type of fuel you’re going to want to burn and use this to guide your purchase decision.

A number of surveys indicate that roughly two thirds of people with a multi fuel solid fuel stove only ever burn wood in it. One of the primary reasons that people choose multi fuel sold fuel stoves is because of their flexibility in terms of fuel choice and also stove choice. The buyer will have a greater array of suppliers to choose from. But if you are only ever going to burn wood, you would be best advised to opt for a stove which has been expressly designed for this purpose.

If, on the other hand, you feel that you may not always have wood available to you, or if you just want to have that flexibility, we would advise you to opt for a multi fuel stove. And you’d also be advised to choose carefully. It is best to look for a stove that has primary and secondary air vents. Why? Because these let you control whether air circulates more from below or above.

What Solid Fuel Stove do we Recommend?

The main strength of the multi fuel solid fuel stove is versatility. At those times of the year when perhaps only a little heating is required, a solid fuel stove is the perfect option because you can have greater control over the amount of heat required.

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