Wood Pellet Stove

Palazzetti wood pellet stoves are a fantastic and highly cost effective way to stay warm and snug. Wood pellets, produced from timber industry by-products,  provide you with near-instant heat and because they give off almost no smoke, they are actively working to help protect the environment. Check out our full range of wood pellet stoves.

Palazzetti pellet stoves are some of the most ecologically friendly wood stoves on the market and the design is certainly at the cutting edge of style.

Another plus for Palazetti pellet stoves is their sheer convenience. These are stoves which provide ease of use alongside clean, safe operation and significantly less air pollution. Being modular in nature, they can also be configured into complete central heating systems for homes.

Why a Wood Pellet Stove?

As a heating solution, the Palazzetti range of wood burning stoves offers enormous benefits to homes and businesses. These stoves enable you to enjoy the very real pleasure of burning wood, knowing that you are making a positive contribution to the environment.

The pellets themselves are by-products of the timber industry and can therefore be purchased at low cost. They are made from various types of mechanically compacted wood and they comply to all relevant environmental protection standards.

And because they are so dense, they burn efficiently and offer huge value for money. The pellet hopper, once filled, can contain enough fuel to last from one to three days. The pellets are compact and small and require significantly less storage space than traditional logs. The Palazzetti pellet stoves operate at high efficiency of around 90%.

Why a Wood Pellet Stove?

These wood pellet stoves work by pushing hot air into the room via a fan operating at high speed. When the air is channelled into a ducting system it can be distributed into several rooms. The large diameter of the ducting pipes produces a greater hot air flow which not only brings greater heat and comfort, it also reduces the amount of time required by the stove to reach the optimum temperature.

The stoves can draw their combustion air directly from outside. They are constructed in solid steel, with a metal cladding with 800 degree ceramic glass and an air wash system. The firebox itself is made of extra thick cast iron and features a large ash draw and Speedy Clean system for added convenience. A digital touch screen control panel makes operating a breeze and operating hours can be programmed on a daily or a weekly basis.

A variable speed far features Zero Speed Fan technology, with the fan able to be switched off to increase comfort and augment natural heat diffusion.

What Wood Pellet Stove do we Recommend?

The particular challenges of climate change are having direct implications for the heating industry at large. Now, more than ever, businesses and consumers are considering the impact of their work and leisure activities and their purchasing. In respect of all of this, the many advantages of the Palazzetti wood pellet stove make it the real heating solution of tomorrow. Here is a stove that looks very attractive, is very fast to operate and bring up to full combustion temperature. It used fuel that is probably just about as eco-friendly as possible and in terms of sheer efficiency, it would have very few competitors.

We are both pleased and proud to be vendors of these fine products. We can offer a complete range of Palazetti pellet stove products and we can offer you an in-store demonstration that is bound to impress.

Having said all of this, we also recognise that the Palazzetti pellet stove is not necessarily the ideal solution for all living spaces. The best thing to do is to come into our showroom on Market St Trim and check out our stove demo and browse through our range of products.

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