Wood Burning Stove

What could be more pleasurable than relaxing in front of the roaring fire of a wood burning stove? Wood burning stoves are also carbon-neutral and incredibly cost effective. Choose from the Eco Home Solutions complete range of high quality stove products.

Some of the factors governing how you align your heating solution with your living space are about whether you prefer to operate a stove with open or closed flue and whether you are looking to have a straight-on view stove, or whether you’d prefer a two or three-sided view of your firebox.

Whatever is ideal for your living space and your budget, you’ll appreciate all the benefits that a wood burning stove will bring to your home.

Why a Wood Burning Stove?

People are moving away in droves from traditional open fires for very good reasons. Open fires are notoriously inefficient. Although you are burning fuel which delivers good heat, most of that – around 80% – disappears up the chimney.

Not only that, but downdrafts and other problems allow smoke to escape into the room – causing particular hazards to those who are susceptible to smoke.

The old days of the open peat or turf fire are fast disappearing. While there is no doubt that these old methods of heating carried a distinctive charm and and a particular aroma that said loud and clear: ‘this is Ireland’, we must look to the future and begin to address the very real climate problems that are right in front of us.

Why a Wood Burning Stove?

To blithely carry on as we always have done is just not an option any more. Among the many opportunities afforded to us by wood burning stoves are the environmental ones. Burning wood is a carbon-neutral activity. This fact alone is attracting many to wood burning stoves.

It is also true that most people enjoy wood burning stoves because of the very real comfort and ‘cosiness’ factor that they provide. While there are cheap and shoddy wood burning stove on the market, the products we supply are from manufacturers with proud histories of excellence in engineering and craftsmanship.

Wood burning stoves are a wonderful way to heat your home in a highly efficient and stylish way. We carry the complete range of quality European wood burning stoves, from DRU, Dik Guerts, DG Fires, Lacunza, Chesney and Kalor. With more than 260 years experience to back them, DRU Stoves are a by-word for highest quality wood burning stoves combined with complete reliability. The stoves manufactured by Dru are classical and virtually indestructible.

Wood Burning Stoves Supplier Catalogues

Heat Design Brochure

Dik Geurts Brochure

Heta Brochure

Henley Brochure

What Wood Burning Stove do we Recommend?

DG Fires offer exclusive design and expertise with insert and built-in fires which are incredibly user-friendly and very easy to install.

Palazzetti pellet stoves manage to combine high style with high technology, using wood pellets to create a heating solution which is at once extremely attractive and environmentally-friendly.

Spatherm Stoves offer fashionable stoves or fireplace inserts, whether you want to have a water-bearing, classical or extravagant stove.

Chesney Stoves also offer a very wide range of wood burning stoves and also multi-fuel or solid fuel stoves and fireplaces.

Kalor Stoves are perfect if you are looking for efficiency, style and cost in one heating solution.

We are very proud to be offering wood burning stove products from the very finest and most highly regarded of European manufacturers. Which one is best for your home or business needs? There is actually no right or wrong answer to that question. So much depends on your particular taste, and also on how you see yourself operating your stove.

It may also be that you could benefit from some guidance from us, and we are very happy to provide that. We can do a site check and then speak to you about what you like and don’t like. From this, you can rest assured that you will end up with the ideal wood burning stove product for your needs.

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Ivor 8 inset wood burning stove with logstore recently fitted; chamber was widened

Dru 55 Wood Burning with oyster chamber installed and a Donegal surround

Recent Install of Dik Guerts Ivor 8 wood burning stove with logstore

Recent Installation of a Henley Sherwood Woodburning Stove with a geocast beam

Recent fitting for a Prostyle 700 wood burning fire. This fitting also included a 9 metre flue run to suit 40mm frame closure plate and adaptor and cowl
Dru 44 wood burning stove with a complete flue run to suit.
Open fire was removed to allow for this fitting
Recent Install Vitae 9 wood burning stove with complete flue run to suit with multi fuel kit
Also fitted surround, back panel & Hearth
Heta Scanline 7d with logstore multi fuel stove
Recent Install
black flue run to suit
Heta 7d multi fuel stove on pedestal
Supplied and fitted with complete black flue run to suit
Glass Hearth also supplied along with pomafour board
Dik Guerts Vidar Triple wood burning stove
Beautiful finish, fitted in an outdoor area
9 metre flue run fitted to suit also
Heta Inspire 45 wood burning stove
Excellent high quality stove
Recent Installation
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