Stoves Ireland – also known as Eco Home Solutions – is the place to shop for your ideal heating solution. Located in the beautiful town of Trim in Co. Meath, the Eco Home Solutions showroom has a vast array of the finest quality stoves from Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. Perhaps you already know about the many benefits of stove heating, but you’re not sure of the exact product for your home. This is where Eco Home Solutions’ owner Frank Donohoe can help.

Frank is vastly experienced in the fields of home furnishings and he has a huge depth of knowledge about home heating, particularly stoves. When you talk to Frank about your home and its requirements, you can be confident that you will be getting independent specialist advice. Before you visit, though, it might be worthwhile familiarising yourself with all of the stove product types on the market by checking out our Stoves Ireland advice.

Once you have browsed our product page, drop in to see Frank in Market St, Trim – he will give you all the time you need to find out more about the products you are interested in.

Budget is obviously a key consideration, but this must seen in the context of value. Buying on price alone will not guarantee you the right product for your home. Frank is particularly keen to highlight the qualities of the ‘higher end’ products in delivering performance and reliability. A new stove should be seen as a long term investment, so buying decisions should be made with this in mind, whether this is a wood pellet stove, double-sided stove, back boiler or free-standing stove.

Another important consideration is your physical space – the size and shape of the rooms to be heated, the particular construction of your house – and its actual location.

Many of us are now enjoying summer heat or we may at last be able to head off to even warmer climes, so winter may not be on our minds. But the time to think about your home heating is right now, so talk to us – Stoves Ireland – Eco Home Solutions.


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