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The Electric stove gives you all the beauty and style of a wood stove with the  efficiency and reliability of electricity. If space is tight, electric stoves can be the perfect heating solution. And if you have a large room, a plug-in electric stove can be a really effective secondary heating source.

If your home doesn’t have a chimney or flue system, an electric stove is an ideal way to still enjoy all of the pleasing effects of having a wood burning stove. Today’s electric stoves give you all the ambiance and aesthetic appeal of the flames of a fuel stove, with none of the disadvantages.

Electric stoves are also fantastically easy to install and configure. All you have to do is plug it in! As far as maintenance is concerned, there is absolutely no need for any regular cleaning or looking after.

Why an Electric Stove?

The recent upsurge of interest in electric stoves can be attributed directly to their rapid development in terms of design and efficiency. At first, or even second glance it would be difficult to distinguish a ‘retro’ electric stove from a traditional wood burning stove. Many stoves have very convincing ‘log effect’ or ‘coal effect’ designs.  The state-of-the art technology in so many of today’s electric stoves creates not only highly realistic flame effects, but smoke effects too. Some of these technologies actually create a cold vapour which, when lit, recreates the effect of smoke and flames.

Electric stoves also provide optimum levels of control. Once the room has reached the required level of warmth, the flame effect can still weave its hypnotic magic, maintaining a comfortable and relaxed ambience.

Electric Stove – What are the options?

With regard to installation, it is important to remember that electric stoves do not have to comply to the same strict regulations that apply to conventional fuel stoves. For one thing, no flue is required, which means the stove can be sited anywhere in the house. With no costly installation fees, the electric stove can quickly change the look and feel of a particular room.

With regard to efficiency, electric stoves are completely efficient, rated 100%, which means that all of the energy the stove consumes is converted to heat. The latest stoves all contain thermostats to help users with electricity consumption. And unlike conventional stoves, there is no heat lost up the chimney; all of the heat generated by the stove goes into the room itself.

When winter comes around, we all see our energy bills increasing, especially if the central heating is constantly on. An electric stove can see you reduce your fuel bill quite drastically, as you begin to supplement your home heating system via another source. As well as electric fireplace stoves, you actually may want to consider a space heater, which is completely portable.

Electric Stoves – Supplier Catalogues

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What Electric Stove do we Recommend?

Electric stoves are also long lasting. Unlike conventional fireplace stoves, an electric stove is not susceptible to rust and it will continue, for many years, to look as good as it did when you first bought it.

If you’re considering an electric stove, also bear in mind that there are many different options available to suit your budget and your taste. It is possible to have an electric stove installed and mounted on a wall, should that be considered desirable or appropriate.

At EcoHomeSolutions we have a complete range of top quality electric stoves for you to choose from, made by all the leading European brands. If  you come into our showroom and don’t find a model that exactly fits with your requirements we can lead you in the right direction and supply whatever is required. So call us today to discover whether an electric stove is the right heating solution for your home.

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Electric Fire complete with Feature Wall – recent install

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Electric Fire complete with Feature Wall – recent install

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