Double sided stove

The double sided stove or double fronted stove is now becoming very popular, for very good reason – namely that they allow you to heat two separate rooms from one individual stove. They are an ideal form of heating if you have an open plan area or an open living area. We have a vast range of double sided stoves to choose from.

Double sided stoves are absolutely idea for situations where buildings have one central chimney breast in the centre of a large room. If, for example, the decision had been taken to knock two rooms through into one larger room, the residual chimney breast could provide heat to two rooms at a time, with the effect that both rooms would be heated from the one, central stove. This is such a great way to create natural, cosy heat in both spaces. The stove in this situation can have the effect of providing a sense of unity in the two spaces.

Why a Double Sided Stove?

A double sided stove is also great where there are two separate rooms. You could, for example, have the relaxed seating of a living area in one space, and a dining area in the other space, each with its own distinctive atmosphere and feel. The double sided stove can be configured differently for each of its faces.

The other advantage of the double sided stove is that people in one of the rooms can get a view of the other room, through the pleasing picture of the roaring fire in the stove. This can be a delightful living feature created by the two sided stove.

The double sided stove generally offers the user the opportunity to open doors on either side, to refuel, clean and so on.

From a strictly economic point of view, heating two rooms at the same time is quite an advantage because you are using the same fuel you would be using to heat one room without doubling the amount of fuel you use.

Double Sided Stove – Making the Right Choice

Another popular choice is the free-standing double sided stove right in the middle of the room. This has the benefit of bringing people together around a pleasing focal point. When it comes to double sided stoves, there is actually a huge amount of choice, from the small stove to mid size and then larger options. Styles can be traditional but they can also be much more contemporary.

Today’s double sided stoves are often at the cutting edge of heating technology, providing maximum fuel burning efficiency.

When customers come into our showroom and discover the double sided stove range they are often amazed and delighted in equal measure simply because they have found the answer to the question of how heat can be channelled from one room to another. In effect, a double sided stove can feel like you actually have two stoves!

What Double Sided Stove do we Recommend?

We would not necessarily recommend this type of stove to every customer. It does tend to be more suited to homes that are possibly larger, although even here we would be loath to make this any kind of hard and fast, binding rule.

As with all our stoves, the answer is to talk to us. This is what we love doing best – getting to know what particular heating solution would most benefit your individual living space. There are so many decisions to make and it actually might well be that the many advantages of the double sided stove provide the perfect solution to your heating needs.

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