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Why is the gas stove now becoming so popular? Because they combine the traditional quality and reliability of a solid fuel stove with all the convenience of gas. Gas stoves are also very low maintenance. We carry all the leading brands of gas stove – check out our entire range.

Gas stoves, fuelled by combustible gas, are becoming very popular and are a huge growth area for stove producers worldwide. One of the primary reasons for this is that in the past, gas stoves have lacked some of the appeal and ambience of wood burning stoves or open fires. The flames and winter comfort of a roaring fire have always been part of the appeal wood and multi fuel stoves, which is a huge part of their charm and it is why they have been so popular. But gas fires have come a long way in a very short time.

Why a Gas Stove?

These days, the flames produced in gas stoves are much more realistic. Looking very much like burning logs, gas stoves have very specific advantages over traditional stoves. A major one is to do with maintenance. Users of gas stoves do not have to worry about clearing up the mess of ash, soot and other chemicals which could also become fire hazards. The flame effect of a gas fire without the smoke, soot and ash is very appealing.  All the gas stove needs is an annual service to ensure it is still safe and working efficiently.

Another big consideration is to do with energy efficiency. It certainly wasn’t so much the case a few years ago, but these days, more and more people are aware of the environmental impact of their daily activities, and doubly so when it comes to heating their homes. It’s certainly not a universal thing, but more people are looking to see how they can lessen their negative environmental impact while still saving money. The truth is that gas stoves are much more energy efficient than wood burning stoves.

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Gas Stove – what are the benefits?

Gas stove do away with the necessity of loading fuel, lighting and all of the things that are required to get a stove ‘going’. Gas stoves work at the push of a button – or even with a remote control. It gets up to temperature very quickly, almost instantly and it is very easy to regulate the amount of heat produced. In this way, the consumer is not paying for any heat they are not actually producing.

The other factor to bear in mind is that gas is actually the cheapest form of energy available – it is 90% cheaper than burning wood. When people opt for a gas stove they will be doing quite a bit to reduce their heating bills and their household maintenance costs. And all the while they will be achieving excellent heating – not just for one room but possibly for the entire house.

Another significant advantage of the gas stove is to do with safety. Unlike a wood stove or solid fuel stove, a gas stove doesn’t release any particles or fumes into the air in the course of its operation. For children and pets, this helps create a safer and more controlled environment.

What Gas Stove do we Recommend?

If you find the advantages of a wood burning stove to be compelling,  get in touch to see how we can help. We will talk to you about your specific needs and the living area you are looking to heat. It may well be that after looking at all the considerations and possibilities, you end up changing your mind. The advantage of buying a gas stove or any other stove from us is that we can guide you to the precise solution for your individual needs. Call us today!

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