Eco Home Solutions stoves for Ireland FAQ

What is the heating solution for my needs?

The answer to this depends on many things. How big is your house? Do you have a chimney at present? If so, what kind is it? What kind of budget do you have?

 The best thing would be for you to call Eco Home Solutions or better still, call into our showroom in Market St Trim. If you arrange a time, we can sit down and talk about your heating needs and then guide you to a solution based on the wide range that we have on show.

 What heating/stove options do you provide?

The Eco Home Solutions range of stoves Ireland is quite vast, with many high profile European brand names. We offer solid fuel stoves, pellet stoves, gas stoves and electric stoves.

Our brands include Dru, DG Fires, Spartherm, Chesney Stoves, Palazetti, Franco Belge and many others too. Some people really like the traditional look while others prefer a modern style. Stoves can be freestanding or wall mounted, and there are many choices with regard to finishes.

What are the advantages of each type of stove?

People  should take into account the size of the room and get the proper advice  from an experience stove shop who will help you  make the right choice.

A real flame picture / High efficiency / Radiant heat / Nice ambience: stoves bring a homely feel and allow the homeowner to have a lit appliance that can be both efficient and safe.

Gas stoves for Ireland – these give off a constant heat and they don’t create any mess. Theyre very easy to control, they require very little maintenance and they are environmentally friendly. We offer a complete range of Dru gas stoves– from the end of March, we will have a good range of gas stoves for you to see first hand.

Solid fuel stoves for Ireland – are high in efficiency and have low running costs. They look like a real fire and they have that attractive odour of burning wood.

Pellet stoves for Ireland – are highly efficient, easy to operate, fast to start and clean. They are also smoke free, they provide constant heat and they are extremely eco-friendly.

Electric stoves for Ireland – are 100% efficient. There’s no need for a chimney, they make no smoke or fumes and they need hardly any maintenance.

What is the installation process? How long does it take?

The Eco Home Solutions team of certified fitters is fully trained and insured. Before installation, a house survey is a good idea. The surveyors will take you through all steps of the installation process.

What are the latest trends in stoves for home heating?

The whole market is changing quite a lot at the moment. In the past, people would buy a stove purely for the heating benefits they delivered, but now they are looking at the cosmetic benefits too. More and more people are choosing a stove based on functionality but also on how it looks.

Wood is more readily available now and this is making wood burning stoves a more attractive proposition. Lots of people are now choosing appliance which have what we call a ‘balance flue. Basically, this means that the stove draws air from outside the home, not the room itself. This has the added advantage of no draughts.

Some newly built houses don’t have a chimney. For these home owners, there are still wood burning stove options, but many people are opting for gas heating. Either way, we are finding that the market for stoves is very strong at the moment.

If you have any further questions about our products or service, we will be very happy to answer them. Call us at any time during office hours: Eco Home Solutions, Stoves for  Ireland – 046 9436702