For Stoves Dublin must choose Ecohomesolutions!

We’re very handily located in the beautiful Meath town of Trim, which is just 40 minutes from the main city centre of Dublin.

We have been a supplier of stoves to homes and businesses all around the Dublin district and we are located just 40 minutes outside the main city centre. We have been supplying stoves to Dublin homes and businesses for more than five years now, and in that time we have developed a cast iron reputation for fair, friendly service and excellent products.

There are some suppliers of stoves Dublin people may be familiar with, shipping products which may cost less but which have a greater chance of letting them down purely because they have not been designed or built with the same engineering excellence that our customers are familiar with.

This is why we do not tend to concentrate on the cheaper brands of stove. We know that although they might offer a customer a short-term saving, in the end, the product is not going to be up to the job for very long.

The brands that we carry include the world famous Dik Guerts, Lacunza and Palazetti. The other thing that suppliers of stoves Dublin must be judged on is service. This must mean more than just putting on a plastic paddy smile when someone walks into the shop. Our commitment to pleasing our customers is genuine.

The only reason it’s a bit of a cliché to say ‘we go the extra mile’ is because just about everyone says it because they think it is what the customer wants to hear. At Eco Home Solutions, we think it is more important to let our actions do the talking. Although we’re pretty good at the other, real sort of talking to, so pick up the phone and give us a call.

Or just jump in the car and take the pleasant drive out to our our showroom.

Either way, I look forward to welcoming you.