Giving the planet an even break – the benefits of Palazetti stoves Ireland

When customers ask me about the impact our stove products might have on the environment, it’s always great to remind them that wood is actually a carbon-neutral energy source.Palazetti Stoves Ireland

In the course of their lifetime, trees release the same amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as they absorb.

Which means that wood burning is a much better for the environment than gas-fired central heating, for example. And when stoves use recycled timber waste, the benefits increase massively – as the growing number of Irish Palazzetti stoves Ireland owners will testify.

Palazetti, one of Italy’s leading stove manufacturers, produces some of the most environmentally friendly products on the market, and I am very pleased that we can offer a full range of their products to our customers.

The Palazzetti stoves Ireland loves burn eco-friendly wood pellets which are made from compacted sawdust and wood shavings from timber mills. As by-products, wood pellets are a sustainable and highly renewable energy source. Over 90% of the energy in wood pellets is converted into heat.

Because Palazetti pellet stoves are sealed, using combustion air from outside, they are an ideal product for Irish homes – suitable for installing in bathrooms and bedrooms as well as living rooms. Another advantage of being a sealed unit is that the stove does not draw cold air into the room.

The other attractive feature of Palazetti pellet stoves lies in their minimalist design. These stoves provide all the heating and comfort of a larger fireplace unit, but it can be installed in a variety of places around the home.

Despite all the benefits of Palazzetti stoves as an attractive and practical heating solution, I appreciate that they will not be for everyone. If you enjoy the sight of burning logs in the comfort of your lounge room, you might be better advised to look at some of our other ranges. We stocka wide variety of stoves from leading brand Chesney, Lacunza, Spatherm, DG and Dru.

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