Fireplace surrounds – a key consideration for your new stove

Choosing your stove and fireplace is one thing. But then you must choose the surround – and this can seem a little daunting. Which is why we are always on hand to give you advice and support about it all so that the whole thing is a painless exercise. We find that the best thing is for our customers to actually come into the Eco Home Solutions showroom so that they can see how the surround works with their chosen stove.

There are practical and aesthetic considerations to buying the surround for your fireplace. Wood is a very popular choice and many customers find that the practical and natural feel of a wooden fireplace surround enhances the look of the entire room. We provide full advice on the type of wood that is available to you, looking at such things as shade of timber, glossy or natural finish, carved wood and so on.  The distressed look is also popular with customers, with its natural feel. We also offer stone fireplace surrounds with many different finishes, from granite and marble or limestone.

Of prime importance is how the room looks at the moment and how the new surround would or would not fit with the existing furniture and colour scheme. Popular with customers are walnut, oak and pine. Walnut is more expensive because it is harder to source in the lengths required.

While you may like a particular material, be it timber, ceramic or stone, there may be a number of practical reasons why this is not a good idea. We can advise on all of this, and when you are happy with everything we provide a complete installation service. Call us today to find out more, or pop into the Eco Home Solutions showroom in Market St, Trim.