DRU Stoves Ireland:  a are a popular choice of stove and that’s not surprising – this company produces cast iron stoves of the highest quality.

The full name of DRU is De Koninklijke Diepenbrock en Reigers – so you can see why it is known as DRU for short!

Dru Stoves Ireland

Dru Stoves Ireland

Dating back to 1754 when Johan Baptis van den Bergh signed a contract for a new blast furnace in the Netherlands. From this, the company went on to become known as a producer of cast iron pots and pans, growing quickly to become one of the world’s most highly regarded stove companies. With the discovery of natural gas in the Netherlands, DRU switched to producing gas fireplaces.
Right now, DRU is Europe’s largest producer of balanced flue gas fireplaces. As well as this, it produces wood stoves of the highest quality.
The many benefits of DRU
Many of our customers love the solid, cast iron look of DRU stoves and they can certainly enhance the look of any home. These stoves are built from material which is almost entirely recycled and they are extremely robust and resistant to wear. Cast iron is such a great heat conductor and it acts as a very sustainable source of heat.
Remember, DRU is a supplier with proven reliability. Their streamline is ‘Designed to be different’.
They maintain consistently high standards by keeping all their manufacturing processes in-house, under the one roof. DRU stoves are manufactured under very strict requirements and they are made from incredibly strong and hardwearing materials.
Points to consider before purchasing
Whether you are purchasing a DRU stove or some other brand, there are some important points to bear in mind. Make sure you know what the capacity and efficiency of the stove is. You can talk to us about this and we’ll be able to give you detailed advice.
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