I’ve spoken quite a bit on here about wood pellet stoves, but for those who prefer to sit and look at logs burning, I’d like to tell you about the benefits of Dik Guerts stoves Ireland – imported from the Netherlands.

Dik Geurts stove

Dik Guerts stove – the beauty of burning logs

 The company itself was founded in 1981 and ever since that time, the name has always been associated with beautiful design and the best quality workmanship you’d find in any stove products.
 The other really attractive feature of a Dik Guerts stove is how easy it is to use. In recent years, their research and design teams have invested considerable time and money in making the actual combustion process ever more efficient.
The result is  clean burning and really excellent heat output too. As with our other products, these stoves help our customers save money on their fuel bills. And there are environmental benefits on top of this.
We can offer any of the products available in our Dik Guerts stoves Ireland  brochure, or you if have really specific requirements, you could talk to Eco Home Solutions about liaising with the manufacturer to develop a custom-made solution.
In terms of style, the range of Dik Guerts free standing stoves can be of the curved variety – like the Olaf -or with  contours, like the Lars. The stoves have standard clear glass windows which helps maximise your view of the fire.
There is also a range of extra features. The Bora Flex for example, has a flue which is corrugated. Others, like the Britta, have a really unusual and quite distinctive appearance.
We’re really proud to be an authorised Dik Geurts re-sellerand we will be very happy to talk to you about the most suitable stove for your home.
When you buy a Dik Geurts stove, you are also helping to give a better future to the women of Uganda. Through their ‘stove for you, future for her’ project, Dik Guerts donate a percentage of their profits to providing women in the poorest areas of Uganda with carbon microcredits which they can use to start their own business – a real win/win!
To find out more about our full range of wood burning stoves, call us today on 046 9436702or call into the Eco Home Solutions showroomin Market St Trim at any time during business hours.