The Palazzetti pellet stove – ticking all the boxes

The future is now – and so is the time to start thinking about your winter heating. If you are thinking of a wood stove, take a careful look at the Palazzetti pellet stove. There are very good reasons why this stove is such a popular choice. For many home owners looking for flexibility, ease of use and low carbon footprint, it ticks all the boxes.

Minimal impact of wood pellets

Environmental impact is a big consideration for many of our customers and I always enjoy reassuring them that not only is wood a carbon-neutral energy source which releases the same about of carbon dioxide than it absorbs, but also that burning wood is so much better for the environment than gas-fire central heating.

So bear this in mind, and then look at how much better again it is to be burning recycled waste from the timber industry, because that’s what these Palazetti pellets actually are. They are compacted from the wood shavings and sawdust that would otherwise get thrown away. These by-products are a sustainable and renewable energy source, with over 90% of their energy converted into heat.

Ideal for Irish conditions

Because the Palazzetti pellet stove is sealed and uses external air for combustion, it is ideally suited to Irish conditions. This stove, with its minimalist design, has all the heating benefits of the larger fireplace stove with the added benefit of being suitable for installation in bedrooms – and any other place around the home. It is especially suitable for homes where space is an issue.

Visit our showroom and see for yourself

With lockdown easing now starting, our Market St showroom will soon be open for business. I look forward to showing you just how quick and easy the Palazzetti Pellet stove is to operate, and how simple it is to maintain.And remember – we stock many other types of stove as well, from Lacunza and Spatherm to Chesney, DG and Dru. Call me at any time for more information – you can be sure that we will deliver the most efficient heating solution for your home.

As ever, I wish you health and prosperity during these difficult times.