Now that just about the entire world is locked down and at home, people are starting to turn their attention to all of the things around the home. What is really important is that we feel safe and comfortable in our surroundings, and the wood burning stove is can really help in all of this.Wood burning stove

Besides the comfort factor, there are a lot of other reasons to think about installing a wood burning stove in your house, not the least of which is the fact that it is highly efficient. The quality stoves that we have on sale at Eco Home Solutions have really high efficiency rates about 80%. The fact that the stoves are made of cast iron means that heat is released at a slow rate, which gives an even temperature, helping us to feel more comfortable.

Another major advantage of a wood burning stove is the fact that burning wood is a carbon neutral activity when you buy your logs from a source that is well-managed. The other great thing about the wood burning stove is that it is almost completely carbon neutral. Why? Because the carbon dioxide produced during combustion is just about the same as the carbon dioxide that the tree absorbs when it is growing. Wood also gives off carbon dioxide when it is just rotting away.

You can link your wood burning stove to your heating system to heat your home hot water supply. This is, in fact, a highly efficient way of heating water.

So if you’re thinking about your domestic heating, keep this this option in mind. For cosiness, heating and just general ambience in the home, a wood burning stove ticks so many boxes.

I’m really sorry we can’t open our showroom at the moment and show you all of the great options that we have to offer – the finest quality Italian, Dutch and Spanish stoves – but have a thorough look through the Eco Home Solutions website – read about all the models that we have available – and call me at any time during office hours. As you’d expect, I am very busy. Like so many successful Irish businesses, I am working hard to make sure that mine survives and prospers when we get through the current lockdown.

Until then, I wish everybody well. Please stay indoors and stay safe.

All the best,