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What are the choices?

You may have seen an inset stoves Ireland, or overseas, without really knowing that this is what it is called. These days, when you’re buying a stove, there are so many choices available to you. I guess the first consideration is to do with what type of fuel you’re looking to burn – wood or a variety of other fuels, what is called a multi-fuel stove. But there is another big choice too. Should you choose a stove that is free-standing, or one that is set into the wall or the chimney breast?Inset Stove

We all have a clear picture in our minds of what a free-standing stove looks like, but many stove buyers in Ireland are now starting to appreciate the benefits of an inset stove. So what are these benefits?

The benefits of an inset stove 

Firstly, space. When your available space in the room is limited, it can be a distinct disadvantage to have a stove poking out into the room. The Inset stoves Ireland’s particular conditions would suit are varied, and we’l take a look at a few of these a little later.

From a practical perspective, what is the efficiency of an inset stove? Is it any less efficient than a free standing stove? Some might think that the free standing stove gives off heat from three faces so it must be more efficient, but that actually isn’t the case. Any of the inset stoves made today are designed to be highly efficient, so you don’t really need to take this into account when you are choosing your new stove.

Highly efficient – another benefit of the insert stove

One really good feature of inset stoves Ireland-wide is the fact that they distribute hot air into the room via a fan. You may have heard us or some other stove vendors talking about how inefficient open fires actually are because most of the heat just goes straight up the chimney.  But inset stoves do more than just heat up the fireplace surround – they convey heat into other areas, and they can even be set up to duct heat into other rooms in the house.

How much is an inset stove – to buy and install?

And now the big question. What is the price range for Inset Stoves Ireland, like many other European countries, has a climate where heating is used for a good part of the year. So you need to look at this in the long term and see the bigger picture. Yes, they are a little more expensive than free standing stoves, but they are generally not as expensive to install, so you need to take this into account.

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