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Inset stove or insert stove proves to be an incredibly popular heating option for homes and businesses.

The significant move from open fires to stoves over the past fifteen or twenty years or so, has led to some interesting looking living rooms. Unfortunately, not always attractive or effective. A smaller living space with a free standing wood stove jutting out can make the stove the focal point of the room and also take up too much space.

This is the beauty of the inset stove. The actual bulk of the stove can be seated in the fireplace itself. The effect of an Inset stove is not to draw attention and make itself a feature, but to blend into the room and add a sense of style.

Why an Inset Stove / Insert Stove?

If your home has any kind of a standard fireplace opening, Inset Stoves can be built right into a chimney breast, creating a pleasing effect and leaving just the front of the stove visible.

The result is not just a great heating solution, but a very pleasing feel of simplicity. When space is limited, the Inset Stove or Insert Stove can be the ideal solution.

As with so many heating solutions, the Inset Stove can be configured in a whole variety of ways. Although it is traditional to have these stoves on the hearth at ground level, they can actually be placed further up the wall, giving much more of a contemporary feel.

Why a Insert Stove / Inset Stove?

As would be expected, the inset stove can be multi-fuel or solid fuel, burning a variety of fuels, it can be a gas stove or the traditional wood burning stove. The decision of which would be best for your home depends on a variety of factor. Is your chimney breast relatively small? Although this might suggest a multi-fuel solution, much depends on the individual nature of your home.

Just to sum up all the benefits of an Inset stove – sometimes referred to as an Insert stove. Firstly, they offer the traditional advantage of greater efficiency when compared to the open fire. They take up virtually no extra space in your home. The Inset stove is generally easy to fit and it takes up significantly less space in your home. It offers the user a great deal of versatility in terms of style of stove and fuel type.

Although the Inset stove does not offer all the viewing windows of other stove types, it still provides visibility and the flames are no less visible in these stoves than they would be in other, free standing stoves. The other possibility is to have a double-sided Inset stove. In this context, two rooms utilise the one stove without the loss of any space – absolutely ideal if both rooms are smaller.

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What Insert Stove / Inset Stove do we Recommend?

It is also important to recognise that an Inset stove will not reduce efficiency simply because Inset stoves have a fan that directs hot air back into the room, rather than heating the brick surrounds or fireplace. Another advantage to an inset stove is that it can be used to heat a bedroom or other room upstairs.

In terms of cost, although Inset stoves are actually more expensive to purchase than a free standing stove, they are often less expensive to install. So costs end up roughly the same.

We’re very pleased to offer Inset stoves, but we would never just offer these off the shelf. A successful solution requires exact knowledge of the space and how the stove is to be used.

If you think the Inset stove is the ideal solution for your home, call us here at Stoves Ireland Eco Home Solutions, or come into our showroom, just 40 minutes from Dublin centre in Trim, Co. Meath.

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Vitae 6 Insert Stove with new surround.  Recent Install

Vitae 5 Insert Stove. Recent Install

Henley Arklow Insert Stove fitted into wooden surround. Recent Install

Insert Wood Burning Stove with new surround.  Recent Install

Wood Burning Insert Stove. Recent Install

Stanley Cara 18kw with Helsinki-surround, back- panel & Hearth…. Recent Install

Recent Install.  Replaced old fireplace with a new Dik Guerts Instyle 700 Inset Wood Burning Stove 
Vitae 9 multifuel inset stove – recent Install (customer just waiting to get the painting done)
Vitae 6 Wood Burning inset stove with Dublin Corbal surround, back panel and Hearth fitted
Henley Apollo wood burning inset stove fitted into existing fireplace.
Recent Install of a Dik Guerts Prostyle 1000 insert stove
Recent Install Vitae 6 with new surround and metal back panel and complete flue run to suit
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