Why electric stoves are a good choice

There are many very good reasons for choosing electric stoves. Key among them are two main and powerful considerations. Firstly, electric stoves are highly efficient – for that reason alone they are a winning choice. And secondly there are so many great looking electric stove products on the market –  we can help you with exactly the right product for your family’s needs.

In recent times, the technology behind electric stoves has developed incredibly and you now have a huge range of products to select from, ensuring that you have the right heating product for your individual home.

Advantages over wood stoves

So first, the big question. How is an electric stove different from a conventional wood stove? Well as you would guess, they don’t burn wood! In fact, they don’t burn anything, apart from the electricity they consume. So they don’t have all the messy inconvenience of cleaning out grates, fetching fuel and so on. And no soot, ash or pollutants to worry, or bending down to clean and sweep.

On top of this, electric stove products still look as classy and attractive as wood stoves. At Eco Home Solutions you will be guided through a range of designs and types of electric stove. Many of these, at first glance, seem indistinguishable from a fuel burning stove. But remember, there is minimal required maintenance. Just clean the fan and the outside and that’s it!

A minimum of fuss

Because electric stoves have no chimney or flue, you can put them wherever you want in the room. With the unit already plugged into the power, it can be controlled remotely to fine-tune your heating.

There is also the safety factor  – once again a winner for the electric stove. Forget the worries of carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide.

Installation of the electric stove is a complete breeze. It really is plug and play, so installation is pretty well non-existent. Just place the unit where you want it, plug it in turn on and set. We have a range of electric stoves to show you, do pop into the Eco Home Solutions showroom if you’d like to see more. I’ll look forward to welcoming you,